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I thought I’d break up the seriousness of this blog in recent times with something a bit different. Anyone who listen’s to The Times’ podcast “The Bugle” will be familiar with their “Hotties from History” feature. It never really entertained me that much- yet what I lack in interest for long dead historical hotties I more than make up for in interest for Hotties From Korea! Thus a new chaper in this blogs existence is born, a tabloid-esque “Page 3” of a feature that will pull in the crowds who simply want to oogle some Korean…well, hotties.

Presenting Hottie Number One- Lee Hyori! She’s sooooo hot it’s unreal, so hot that she deserves to have several shrines built to her hotness. If the picture above isn’t enough hotness from this hot hottie from Korea, then you should check out her K-Pop video “You Go Girl”, which is not only a catchy pop tune but also presents Lee Hyo Ri in all kinds of wonderfully hot outfits.