Moving on from Japan-ness, my new and shiny 16GB ipod touch arrived yesterday! It looks great so far- good sound quality, excellent photo scrolling, great movie playback, and through the various applications you can download it can be further expanded.

I’ve downloaded relatively few so far- Stanza which is great for reading the thousands of free books out there, Kotoba!, a free Japanese dictionary (couldn’t find a Korean one-anyone?), Shazam (which doesn’t work yet as I don’t have a microphone), Air Sharing for transferring files over, ZumoDrive because it’s free for a limited time, and then some games.

While the novelty remains, the ipod touch is great time waster. Once the novelty dissapears, the ipod touch becomes that most useful of devices- something that makes waiting around no longer boring. In fact, I wish I had more of a commute so I could watch more movies on the subway!