Old Men Playing a Chinese Board Game in Hyochang Park. It was a nice day to enjoy the warming weather.

Today is the first of March! A week has passed since my return to Seoul from Tokyo, and with only snippets of news to report I thought I’d check in anyway with a brief update.

Hottie Popularity

Firstly the blog received over a thousand visits yesterday. This seemed rather implausible until I looked into where exactly people were visiting. Turns out that most if not all of these visits were to one of two pages- the two “Hotties From Korea” pages. Whether this kind of popularity is a good thing is rather questionable, and I might round off the “Hotties From Korea” section with a third and final hottie before bringing the whole things to a close in the near future.

School Begins Again

After several months of inactivity, tomorrow marks the beginning of an extremely busy period that will last until August- yes, I have to do a real job again! No lessons tomorrow, but plenty of planning, administration, and receiving of my new timetable. As last semester I had 4 out of 5 8am starts, I’m hoping this time around I’ll be a little more fortunate…

The Marvels of Technology

Getting my ipod touch has really brought home to me the (que sounding like an old man) marvels of technology. I mean, even just looking back ten years reveals the crazily rapid advance of technological progress, from a time when a massive desktop computer box held 2GB memory to a time now when 4 times that fits onto a tiny SD card. The touchscreen ipod touch takes things even further- touch-screen internet in any wifi enabled cafe. Is it possible that we’re too “plugged in”? Undoubtedly. While I can see the merits- or at least the fun- in many new and shiny things, the advent and subsequent popularity of internet website “Twitter” really does elude me. I mean, who really cares what people are doing that much?? I know I may be speaking from a position of hypocrisy, having a blog, a facebook account, a flickr page and so on, but if anything is a step too far it is, to me, Twitter.

Steve’s Recommendations of the Week!

Music- Japanese Kansai band the Ulfuls (ウルフルズ)

Video- Academy Award winning documentary “Man on Wire”

Iphone App- Kotoba! If you like free things and learning Japanese