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This third installment of “Hotties From Korea” will sadly also be the last. While the feature has expanded my readership significantly, it’s also had its fair share of critics.

Seeing as how I’m so tired from work that I feel like a zombie, I can’t find it in me to write an eloquent introduction. Still, if anythings going to cheer you after a day of working away, its the sight of 9- yes 9- lovely ladies with their lovely smiles and silly dances. Girls’ Generation are the rivals of other super-manufactured-pop group Wonder Girls, and certainly win the plaudits for being hot hotties. Their music- well, the new song Gee! at least is a catchy tune, with wonderfully pointless lyrics and a great dance. And they’re really hot!

Introducing Gee, from the “Last of the Hotties” Girls’ Generation…