No one really wants to read about my work, do they? I certainly don’t really want to write about it. Yet as this week was the first week back, and set up a pattern which will continue until I leave in August, I guess its worth a comment.

This year lessons at school have been changed- there is new multimedia, a new textbook, new teachers I have to work with and a new English classroom, currently being built, including state of the art shinyness. I was asked what I thought would be useful to help me with classes- I suggested a cafetiere and a coffee grinder might be useful additions.

The new classroom means I’ll no longer have to race around the school to various classrooms, instead making the 30 second walk to just one- in this way, I can reserve my strolls along the corridors for cleaning time, 2.30-2.50, when I usually pace around and say hi to all of the students that I like.

The other bonuses of the new year include a new teacher for the D and E classes, who is both young, female and very strict, and best of all only 1 8am start- albeit on a Monday. I’m also teaching extra classes- at a rather useful overtime rate- to the top 60 students in the third grade, preparing them for the English listening test on the official exam (a “real” lesson, none of this “let’s speak English and enjoy ourselves” malarky- I’m surprised they’re trusting me with this!) Things are, on the whole, better than last semester, although I won’t get to see my favourite English teacher colleague so much as he’s been moved to the 3rd grade. Still, we can always meet in the cafeteria, and continue to grade each days meal out of ten (although our score reliably ranges from 2-5)…

On the whole, the new curriculum’s set up, plus the extra classes I’ve been given, are a compliment to how the school views me- I’m actually teaching things that, in their eyes, are “important”- of course this means I have less time to create imaginative lesson plans, and instead have to follow the textbook more closely, but to be honest this doesn’t bother me. I’ll also be writing some sort of exam for the midterms, which sounds like a hassle but again is something good I suppose…well, maybe.