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What’s the best thing to do when you’re…

a) bored
b) looking to learn more about Korean culture
c) have nothing to write on your blog ?

Answer: Start a Nine Part Series About Girls Generation!

Part One: Kim Taeyeon

Name in Hangul: 김태연

Image Hits on Google: 4,810 (Name + SNSD, in Korean)

Special Skill: Being the “Leader”. What this entails isn’t entirely clear.

General Impression: One of the less interesting members? Doesn’t seem to be much information on her (from the 30 seconds of research I did for this blog post) Ok I’ve now discovered she IS one of the more interesting members- in as much as a 20-year old girl chosen purely for her pulchritudinous qualities can be interesting.

Hottness Rating (Is This Asking For Trouble?)- Quite Hot

Ok I’ll be the first to admit that this wasn’t a classic “Hotties From Korea” post, nor was it particularly informative about the first member of Girls Generation. But bear with me. More interesting members will make their various ways onto these pages in the coming weeks.