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Game 10, April 15th 2009 (Koshien)

Hanshin Tigers 2 Chunichi Dragons 9

I’m starting to get increasingly frustrated and depressed with Hanshin, despite the very early stage of the season we’re at. We seem to get into positions from which we could, and often should, theoretically win games, but poor fielding and poor pitching usually leads to us losing (not to mention poor tactics from Mayumi kantoku, more of which later).

This game was open until the 7th- 2-2, with a two great chances to pile on the runs; Mench almost hitting a centre field homer (but just falling short), and Aniki at bat with bases loaded. Then came the 7th. Like the “miracle” game of Kanemoto’s sayonara hit, the pitcher- OAP Shimoyanagi, should simply have been change at the start of the innings. Instead, Mayumi persisted, and it all went pear shaped- five runs given up, game set. It should also be noted that there was some bad fielding from Kanemoto- Mench-esque errors that helped Chunichi get runs. In offence Mench and Arai continue to lag, with the former reaching the point at which he needs to be dropped for Sakurai or Lin. A bad day at the office was rounded off with a Wada two-run home run.

All in all a day to forget- except that Mayumi shouldn’t, he should watch this again and start to learn from errors that are beginning to (even at this stage of the season) cost us in the Pennant Race.

Pre-Game Jibber Jabber

Yesterday’s game was rained off, hence this post disappearing mysteriously from my site (I removed it). Tonight then sees the beginning of a truncated 2 part series against the Chunichi Dragons at Koshien. After the weekends 2-0 (1 draw) defeat to the Yomiuri Giants, we need to get back on the proverbial horse.

1. Akahoshi (C)
2. Hirano (2)
3. Toritani (SS)
4. Kanemoto (L)
5. Arai (3)
6. Sekimoto (1)
7. Mench (R)
8. Kano(Ca)
9. Shimoyanagi (P)

Toritani and Mayumi Share A Joke

News From The Hanshin Tigers Official Newsletter

最高のスタートを切った先週のタイガースですが、週末のジャイアンツ戦. . .うーん悔しかったですね。しかし長いペナントレース、必ずリベンジしてくれるはず。期待しましょう!

Basically, the newsletter says- “Although we had a great start during the week, the results in the weekend’s games against the Giants were vexing. However, the Pennant Race is long, and we certainly expect that we will have our revenge. Let’s hope!”

Wise words, Hanshin Newsletter-san.