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Exciting news in the world of Nikon DSLRs. The newly released

D5000 will bridge the gap between the D40/40x/60 entry point and the advanced amateur D80/D90 models. It will feature a number of things that I had hoped for in an eventual upgrade to the D90: 11 point AF, bracketing ability, active D-Lighting, fast fps, and the same 12.3 megapixel sensor as the D90. It also has a tilting screen at the back, and the D90s movie mode, and live view facilities.

The drawbacks are that the screen isn’t as big as the D90s, and there is no AF motor, meaning that the 50mm 1.8 or 30mm 1.8 lenses will not autofocus on the D5000. This is the biggest drawback for me personally when comparing to the D90.

Another issue is weight- the D5000 weighs in at561g, compared to 620g for the D90 (and 471g for D60). I’ll have to weight up the options- quite literally- before upgrading (that is when I eventually do). One last thing about the flip-screen- while it expands the functionability, it is also a bit ugly I think. I would have preferred a flat 3 inch screen to the tilting one.

Another new Nikon release is the 10-24mm f.3.5-4.5, although I believe this will be at a high price point compared to the Tokina 11-16 which I would probably go for if/when I buy a wide-angle lens…although, to bring this round again, the Tokina wouldn’t autofocus on the D5000, only on the D90!