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Game 12, April 17th 2009 (Yokohama Stadium)

Yokohama Baystars 1 Hanshin Tigers 5

It’s a “BayStar”, the least cool mascot that there is.

A comfortable win for Hanshin tonight.  All the offensive work was done early on- Akahoshi hit to first, stole to second, Toritani hit to first and then Kanemoto planted a sweet home run down the centre to give the Tigers a 3 run lead. Another was added in the second, and while the Baystars got one back in the forth, Andoh pitched very well to keep the Baystars out. A sacrifice fly got Katsuragi home in the ninth, and Atchison, Williams and Egusa combined in relief over the last 2.

Starting Team: Same as yesterday, except Katsuragi in for Mench (R), Kano in (Ca), Andoh (P)

Man of the Match: Kanemoto / Andoh

Player Comments: Great day for Andoh, great day for Kanemoto. A comfortable win. I won’t watch the other two Baystars games, so lets hope our good form continues to build over the weekend.