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After a short hiatus from my foreign film challenge, I jumped back in with Gotz Spielmann’s Revanche, a dramatic love story set in rural Austria.
Revanche is a sharply written piece set around two couples in Austria. Alex and Tamara are having a secret relationship set around a brothel, where he works for the owner and she works as a prostitute. When he hatches a plan to take them away from this life and the control of pimp owner Konecny, their lives intersect with those of Robert, a policemen in the Austrian countryside, and Susanne, his wife. To say anything more about the plot would be to spoil the truly surprising twists and turns of this gripping story. The opening scenes in the brothel are quickly left behind as the characters enter the Austrian countryside, the film takes on a new dimension, and you are never quite sure where the story is going next, right down to the extremely open ending. The twists and turns are based around convincing characters, and raise questions about guilt, life, revenge and the keeping of secrets. Worth seeing!