Two months left of my soujorn in Seoul. The clock is ticking, and I’m yet to decide what to do next year. I’ve got my place at university, but no idea of where I should live in London. I’m gonna be fairly poor, and probably living with other people. I’m gonna have lots of work to do, and little time to party. And I might have to work as well. Is all this really a good idea?

Having lived happily in financial comfort in my own apartments in Japan and Korea for three years, all this will take quite a bit of adjusting. I can help but think that maybe finding a job- a real job- is a better thing to do at this moment in time that a Masters course that, despite being fun, is of little value in furthering my CV.

Or a third option is to live my dream and just disappear round the world for 8-12 months- thats what I really wanna do, but should I spend the money I’ve saved over the last year and beyond on something like that. Is it reckless, or the pursuit of something I really do want?

Decisions, decisions.