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Doosan edged a nervy encounter on a wet and humid night in Mokdong.


Yesterday was game 1 of 3 of the Heroes-Doosan series. I was originally planning to go to all three, but decided this was overkill, so I’ll be at games 1 and 3 instead. Thankfully we got off to a good start yesterday, winning 3-2 on a wet and humid night in Mokdong Stadium. Despite my passion for Doosan I was reluctantly sitting in the Heroes fan section.


Things started well with a great chance in the second. With only 1 out, Doosan runners were well placed on 2nd and 3rd. However the Heroes stood tall, striking out the next man, before a fly catch ended the innings- a missed chance. In the bottom of the third, Heroes manufactured a series of runs despite having 2 out. First 2 hits and a boundary shot got a runner home for 1-0, before poor fielding made it 2-0, the Doosan third basemen throwing inexplicably to first when he could have thrown to home to end the innings. Another hit made it 3-0 to the Heroes, and things weren’t looking good.


Thankfully though, this was all the Heroes were going to get. In the fourth Doosan got 2 runs back- a walk, and a dead ball set up the chance, before a 2 base hit got a runner home. Another hit got another home, and it was 3-2. In the fifth Doosan were right back in it- a Kim Hyeon Su hit squaring the scores. Then in the next innings Doosan went into the lead- a sweet, deep homer from slugger Lee Won Sok. Doosan held on during a nervy final innings, and some better batting against some dodgy pitching might have pulled it off for the Heroes. It was not to be though, and the Doosan Bears clinched victory in game 1 of the series.