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Last night was painful- my first pain as a Doosan fan. Leading 2-1 going into the bottom of the ninth, the night had been an unmitigated success- even when the Heroes had drawn level at 1-1 in this third game of the series, I never felt that concerned. And two sweet home runs had me, my Korean amigo and the rest of the crazy Doosan fans jumping for joy. Then came that last innings- a meltdown by our pitcher and a succession of hits won the game 3-2 for the Heroes, and left me with a long journey home.

A few hundred miles away, Hanshin won the consolation game in the away series to Chunichi. I haven’t been blogging on Hanshin recently, mostly because their collapse and increasingly inevitable 5th placed finish are just too much to bear. The one silver lining to this Mayumi-shaped cloud is the performance of Craig Brazelle. Yet again he worked his magic last night- we won 4-3, with 2 key hits coming from him. In the seventh he got a homer to bring Hanshin back to 3-2, then in the eighth a two base hit to put us in the lead at 4-3. Nice work Craig! Arai and Kanemoto also had good games, with 3 and 2 hits respectively.