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***Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know Key Plot Points From The Wire***

I should start by saying that the Film Challenge will be delayed for a week or two, as I’m off to Jeju for the long weekend. Jeju is an island to the south of the Korean peninsula, and is a getaway for many a Seoulite during the summer months. Anyway- more of that another time.

Now that I’m finally on the cusp of finishing TV show The Wire, I wanted to blog a bit about it. First off- calling it the greatest TV show ever is giving in to hyperbole, but it is really really good. Second- its the characters that make it, rather than the drama. I’d have to go with Barack Obama on my favourite character- Omar– but there are many to choose from- McNulty, Bubbles, Stringer Bell, the Bunk, D’Angelo and Bodie amongst others are all deep, complex or hilarious characters.

I really enjoyed the first season– probably my favourite, and certainly the best ending with the shot of the empty couch fading to black. I found the second season a bit boring to be honest – as many seem to have, although a friend would disagree with this and thinks its actually the best season. It seems like the seasons success/failure depends on how much you sympathise with the dock workers- I just didn’t find the characters that likeable, or the storyline that engaging. Season three– the politician season- is on solid ground, yet despite key moments in the unheaval of the Barksdale/Bell organisation, it doesn’t pack a massive punch. Season four was quality- the school stuff was very engaging, and it developed old and new characters very successfully. And finally season five– I’m 2 episodes away from the end, so I’ll repost this post once I’ve watched them! Having said that, I wasn’t happy with the way Omar died- although it was kind of appropriate (random/”all in the game”/becoming just another number at the morgue) I would’ve liked a showdown with Marlo, as Omar – especially given McNulty’s self-destruction- had really become the hero of the show.

Anyway now its all over I’ll have to move onto something else- but I’m glad I finally watched it!

Some great Wire quotes:

“A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It’s the shit that happens while you’re waiting for moments that never come.” Lester

“I’m not much for cards but I think these .45’s beat a full house.” Omar

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit” Clay Davis