Daido Moriyama, or stevesayskanpai? I Moriyama-d up a few pictures I took at Tsukiji Market, Tokyo a while ago- let me know what you think. Incidentally, its amazing how many photos I have stored away that I’ve never properly finished up and put on the net- if they’re not in “Best” folders, I tend to leave them alone, but I took a hell of a lot of pictures in Japan. Here are some of them- “Moriyama-d” to the max…

Tokyo in March - 103

Tokyo in March - 021

Tokyo in March - 009

Tokyo in March - 005

Tokyo in March - 001

Mimicry for the sake of it? No- there’s certainly some fun to be had in playing around with your images. I think the reason many of Moriyama’s images are so powerful is that they are uncluttered- focussing on something human but anonymous, something captures with the tones and shades, often at night.

Tokyo in March - 058