Yahoo.co.jp’s Iphone service gives excellent summaries of all NPB games, and is a great way to practice (and learn more) Japanese. Having not seen the games, I got my reports from this site.

The first game, on friday had the following report:


This roughly translates to the following.

“In a high-scoring game that had 31 hits in total, the All-Central team emerged victorious 10-8. Chasing 5 runs at the top of the 8th, Kyojin’s Ramirez and Yokohama’s Uchikawa hit timely two abse hits to help lift the score by 4 pounts. With the game drawing to a close and the All-Central team 1 point behind, Yakult’s Aoki got a two run hit to secure a turnaround success for the Central League Team”.

The second game, on saturday, had the following:


“The All-Pacific line up hit four home runs to beat the All-Central line up, meaning this All-Star series finished with both teams on 1 victory. 1 behind in the 5th, Lotte’s Saburo’s solo homer drew the scores, before Softbank’s Matsunaka hit his second consecutive 2 run homer in the 6th to secure the victory. In was because of these hits that Matsunaka secured the 2nd game’s MVP award.”