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Ambling around the Gwanghwamun area this evening, I came across a large display of photos from the Korean War, at the top of the Changyechang stream. One of these photos really appealed to me- a shot of refugees crossing a frozen Han river, fleeing from the North Koreans. I managed to track it down on the net:


The caption: Refugees streaming across the frozen Han River on the ice as they flee southward before the advancing tide of Red Chinese and North Korea Communists. Shattered bridges are shown in the background.

How empty the banks look compared to todays Seoul- and how amazing it is that people could walk on the Han during winter! I’m sure today it doesn’t completely freeze over.

Anyway, if you’re in Seoul, the collection of photos is definitely worth checking out. My time in Seoul, and Korea, is drawing to a close- and it’ll be good to see a few more new things (as well as go to a few more baseball games) before returning to the UK, where this blog will probably continue.