Over fifty thousand unique hits have now been registered for my blog- and although many of these come from image search results (search for images of “sashimi” and one from my blog appears as number two), I am thankful to the generally silent but loyal mini-following my blog has engendered- around 200 hits a day. Its not much- but it’s better than a kick in the face.

As I said last time, time is running out in Korea and a mixture of farewell parties, baseball, Korean meals, trips to the jimjilbang and occasional purchasing of cheesy souvenirs will take up my last few days in Seoul. I’d also like to take some photos of everyday things I take for granted- the good old 0016 bus, subway stops, Seoul Station, Myeongdong, my local GS25- before they are all left to memory and history for me.

I’m looking forward to blogging my travels in Vietnam and Thailand though, before the return to the UK and a trip up to Scotland for one of my best friends’ wedding.