Sugar is a well written and directed movie about an immigrant Dominican Republic player who comes to the US to play baseball. His struggles- the upheavel from his girlfriend and family, the geographical isolation of Iowa, and most of all the cultural isolation- not speaking English (although this is not the only reason he struggles, which is seen when his Dominican friend successful bonds with the white ex-Ivy league youngsters), all combine to leave him to flee the farm team and move to New York City. The promises of millions are there is he succeeds, but the hurdles in his way, including the intense competition, prove too much.

The film ends with a brilliant role call of players on an amateur team on which Sugar plays in his spare time in NYC, with them all saying where they played in the minors- its a roster of the Majors teams, all players who came, in some cases, to within a hairs breadth of making it, but now, mostly, work low-paid jobs in NYC on expired visas, sending money back home to their families. Its a poignant and compelling, without anything being laid on heavily- indeed its a slow burner, that makes any points it needs to make through sheer force of narrative, rather than any agenda for a message. Well worth watching.