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There’s been a hiatus from blogging about the Tigers in the last few days, partly because the games have been kicking off earlier than 6pm in Nippon (meaning a special, early morning commitment would be required to watch them here in the UK). The short of it is that things don’t look good. We lost the Hiroshima series 2-1, and are now losing in the Yokohama- yes the Yokohama Baystars series- 2-0. This leaves the table looking like this:

1. Evil Yomiuri M3
2. Chunichi Dragons 9
3. Hanshin Tigers 14.5
4. Hiroshima Carp 0.5
5. Yakult Swallows 1
6. Yokohama Baystars 12

Brief explanation- the M3 for Yomiuri means that they have a Magic Number of 3- if they win 3 more games, the title is theres. Chunichi’s 9 means they are 9 games behind Yomiuri- if Chunichi won there next 5 and Yomiuri lost all of theres, Chunichi would go into first. Hanshin are 14.5 behind Chunichi, but the real panic is that battle for third spot (the top three teams go into the playoffs). As you can see, the Carp are 0.5 games behind Hanshin, and the Swallows are 1.0 games behind the Carp, or 1.5 games behind Hanshin. Its very, very tight- I thought after the Yomiuri sen that we’d have it in the bag, but doubt has crept in due to repeated failures against the Carp and the Baystars. Worse still is that our next series is away to Chunichi.

Next Four Games…

Wed 23- Yokohama (A) – 6am BST

Fri 25 – Chunichi (A) – at the bloggable time of 10am (BST)
Sat 26 – Chunichi (A) – 7am BST
Sun 27 – Chunichi (A) – 6am BST