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Well I finished Ghost Train, and it was excellent- a thoroughly engrossing read all the more surprising because I wasn’t a huge fan of Great Railway Bazaar– the “original”. Having got to Georgia when my last review was finished, we were then taken through the Stans- Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, then into India, Sri Lanka, across to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and finally to Japan and Russia. The Japan part was simply fantastic- Theroux captured so many feelings I had while in Japan. In particular his ruminations with Haruki Murakami on Japan and the past were fascinating, as was the journey up to Hokkaido. It reminded me of my trips to places he also visited- Hanoi, Japan, and the Trans-Sib- and motivated me to want to visit the places I hadn’t- Sri Lanka and India, the Stans, and the rest of South-East Asia. Theroux writes, “I’d come to see that travel for me was no longer a fun-seeking interlude, not even the roudabout detour of heading home, but a way of living my like: a trip without an end where the only destination was darkness. The beauty of it was that I was doing it in the simplest way, as a homeless person with a small bag and a briefcase of papers, rubbing across the world, travelling light.” Here here.

Next book on my reading list: Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red.