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I realised I hadn’t really posted about my Masters yet, which might be a good thing to do as time progresses. Things so far have been a lot busier than I expected, although I don’t really know why- I shouldn’t be surprised that becoming a Master involves lots of work. I’m taking three courses- Japanese Modernity– essentially modern Japanese history- International Politics of East Asia, which does what it says, and Intermediate Japanese Two, the language module between Intermediate Japanese One and Advanced Japanese.

The Modernity module has been rather stress-high so far, with bulky readings every week and a rather intense, “every man for himself” atmosphere in the seminar. Politics is more relaxed- less required reading, more reading around the topics that interest you, and a positive discussion for the seminar. The language module is probably the best so far- only 5 of us in the seminar, so plenty of time to speak, and I already feel like I’ve learnt a hell of a lot.

This weekend I’ll be reading about Tokugawa Society in c.18th Japan, conceptions of Asia, Asian regionalism, imperialism and nationalism, and translating a Japanese paragraph. Eventually though I’ll be able to hone in on stuff that really interests me- Meiji Imperialism, Taisho and Showa fun, contemporary expressions of Japanese nationalism and maybe some stuff on China. I’ll post more as time progresses, but this weekend I plan to read until my eyes bleed…no fun for Steve methinks…