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Big news this- Kenji Johjima, who has played for the Fukuoka Hawks in Japan, and the Seattle Mariners in the Major League, is on the cusp of joining the Hanshin Tigers!

Wikipedia profile here. To say he’s got impressive stats is to state the obvious.


Well, everyone seems surprised by the immediacy. It’s also a bit sad for Kanoh, who holds the catchers gloves at Hanshin at the moment, and who will obvious fall out of the team if/when Johjima joins. He’s been great this season.On the subject of Johjima Kanoh  is “無関心”, indifferent. Okada, former Hanshin manager, revealed that Johjima had decided to join the Tigers.

Anyway, its a long way till the start of the next season, but this is already a sign that Sakai owner is spending the big bucks to transform Hanshin’s errant ways. Is this where the money needs to be spent? Well, in all honesty, not really- we have a good catcher! What we need is an ace starter. Hmmm. We’ll see who else joins this summer, but if nothing else Johjima’s impressive batting form will bolster our offense.