I’m suffering the strains of London living and no income at the moment, trapped in a bubble of knowing I could squander money I’ve saved up in Korea and before on temporary joys, or become too obsessed with saving every penny at the other end of the scale (although that’s hardly likely is it).

Anyway, despite this the drips and drops of tutoring I’ve been doing in Maths and English are turning into more of a trickle now, if not a fully fledged stream. It should keep me going…but I have my sights fixed on this beautiful shiny thing…

It’s a shiny Samsung NC10 Netbook, perfect for taking notes in the SOAS library without carting my laptop around, using on trains and planes, and generally keeping me even more connected with the internet than I need to be. In the long view its also a blogging tool which I could take on a long travel trip…a trip I’m planning on taking in the next couple of years.

Which brings me right back round to the beginning- my main concern about my finances is not having enough money for travel. Still, as I’ve basically decided I’ll work for a year in London after finishing my Masters, this shouldn’t be a big concern- I’ll have a year to save the 10k or so required for a large scale journey- back to Asia, Japan, China, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, Australia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, the States, Canada, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa…the list goes on and on and on.