Try this if you’re bored- BlogBooker can make your entire blog, including links and pictures, into a PDF file for free! Naisu. I’ve been looking through my new and shiny PDF, and realised how much less fun this blog is now- movie reviews and baseball have replaced photos and adventures. My time is taken up with study- writing and reading- I take far less photos than I want to, and I’m eager to the extreme to find my own place.

A carefree existence of boozing and relaxation have make way for a busy life of intense study. Put another way a life lacking in challenge has been replaced by one of intellectual stimulation. Still, the need for space, and money, is paramount in my thoughts these days. I want to travel, take photographs, have a nice place, and have money for treats. All of these things lead to the conclusion that its time to find a job, not for a year, but for the future. And this is what I’ll do.

But I want these things now! Mostly space…I need my own place.