The blog is dying a bit. I thought it might. Various things continue to occur in this wild fairground ride they call life. I’m moving into my own place in London- from east to north-west, at not little financial cost. This puts pressure on me to get a reasonable job next year, and I’ll probably be in London for at least another year after this, if not two.

There are certainly things I wish to blog about though- more on politics, film, society, Hanshin Tigers 2010, and my 12-month round the world trip, scheduled for 2012 perhaps? But at the moment my time is spent drinking, eating or reading and writing for the MA. It doesn’t exclude time for blogging, but it does take away the motivation a bit.

So the blog will never die. It will stumble on for years maybe. But the volume of content will decrease- for now. Roll on that 2012 travel tour of the world!