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A new decade. Time for some New Years Resolutions methinks. Things I want to achieve in the medium term, and long term aims. On paper. Or blog. For reminder, and evidence that I at least thought about achieving some things. Still, when I look back over the last 10 years,  a lot has been achieved. Numerous, numerous countries visited, numerous relationships been and gone, new people met and old friends who still, after 15 years, remain. Highlights? Hitch-hiking in France, Cuba, China, getting a first, Seoul, university days of mayhem, and upmost, the country which, for better or worse, has changed my life- Japan. Anyway, on to some Resolutions…

Medium-Term Resolutions (The Little Three)

Wear More Jackets- ok, this is a very achievable Resolution, especially as I own a lot of jackets that I never wear. More experimentation and expression in clothing in general, although not necessarily more money spent, is desired. But jackets are good- brown chord, black chord, velvet, peacoat, 60s, 70s, noughties.

Learn Kansai-ben-aha! This will require more effort, but being a HT fan and having lived near the region, I feel it is important to really get stuck into Kansai-ben (a regional dialect of Japanese), as it has both cultural and comedy value. By the way, this Resolution was inspired by coming across this website.

Visit More Markets- Portobello market for antiques, Borough market for food, another one for flowers. Camden market. All good, or so people tell me. But I haven’t been to any yet, and again feel that this Resolution is well within the realms of possibility.

Long-Term Resolutions (The Big Three)

Education- finish my Masters. Go for the Distinction, but if I fall short, be realistic and don’t consider it a failure. It wouldn’t be. It’s harder to get than a first.

Work– start a job in September than either a) I find interesting and worthwhile or b) pays me comparatively well. Both is too big a dream at this point- I’d settle for either.

Travel- Turkey at Easter? We’ll see. Beyond that, 2012- a World Odyssey. Or at the very least, a return to Japan. I’d rather be in Tokyo…and watch the sunday gang in Harajuku…