Check it out on BBC iPlayer- the bizarre story about a bizarre comedy duo from Denmark going to an equally bizarre country. The “troupe” consists of journalist Mads Brugger, who is unscrupulous in his quest to seek out as much about the regime as possible, and comedians Jacob and Simon, who are Danish Korean. As I may have said, its a bizarre but fascinating documentary, exposing some of the horror of the regime through its choreographed smiles, and the effect on Jacob after visiting a North Korean school is a particularly powerful scene. As is the end, when Jacob/Simon confront their North Korean female minder, asking why Jacob, who is disabled, can’t meet anyone in Pyongyang like him. The pinnacle of the film, however, is Jacob and Mads bizarre inclusion in a mass “protest” march- simply nonsensical, yet astonishing that they managed to pull this off.