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Yomiuri Giants Cap

Giants vs Tigers – Series Review

(Tokyo Dome)

Well, the day by day lounging around with coffee in front of a live Hanshin feed has had to come to an end. The next six weeks are work time, and the baseball hours of 10am to 1pm are prime work time. Instead, I’ll try to write a weekly comment on the Tigers progress, adding in a few bits and pieces.

The Games:

Since I left the blogging we’ve had some amazing games- a couple of good wins vs the Swallows, and then a legendary series away at the Giants.

Game 1 of this series saw us overcome a 5-0 deficit to win in grand style 9-7, with 5, yes FIVE home runs, from five different players. This triumph of offensive play overcome our defensive deficits is a model to base all future games on- it also showcased excellent relief pitching. Man of the match is way too difficult given the excellence on show, but if I had to pick a favourite home run it would be Sakurai’s sweet hit into left field, which I linked to below (YouTube vid).

Game 2 of this series saw a tight 3-2 victory. Kubo pitched seven great innings of play- good on him for putting in one of the most solid opening pitcher performances so far this season. The game opened with a Sekimoto home run- Kyojin must have wondered if it was going to be a repeat of the day before! After the Giants equalised at 1-1, in was a solid eighth that saw us go 3-1 up; four hits and a dead ball through the middle of our offense. A Lee Seung Yeop home run was not enough, and Fujikawa closed out the game.

Game 3 of this series was unfortunately a 5-2 defeat, although the good news was that Fossom pitched excellently. Added to this, we took our one chance well, and were on course for an ideal (ideal because we need wins where we do the minimum offensively and guard it well defensively) victory until the 7th, when it all went horribly wrong under Tsutsui. Seems like Kubota and Fujikawa are our 8 and 9, but our 7th innings pitcher is certainly still up for grabs (Egusa is now down in ni-gun)

Team Picks: Our entire offense, minus Kanemoto? Kubo pitched excellently, and probably gets man of the mini series. Fossom had a great debut, and was unfortunate to be on the losing side.

Team Flops: Nohmi had a very bad day at the office in game one, but somehow got away with it.

Questions to Ponder

– Surely it’s time to move Kanemoto down the order? He’s simply not performing to the extent we need our number 4 to.

– What will our new starting rotation be? Fossom looked good- if Standridge comes good too, we’ll have more strength, and we can start to gain momentum hopefully.