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Well, it might just be the one game he misses, but this is the moment Tomoaki “Aniki” Kanemoto’s consecutive run in the Tigers’ team came to an end. Note the surprise in the commentators voice and the gasps from the crowd from 1:10, and onwards- especially at 2:42.

Still, what an amazing achievement.

Playing every inning of every game = 1,492 games

Consecutive game streak = 1,638 games

Japanese news has been all other this, with numerous articles and comments from players and coaches past and present. Hanshin are thinking of submitted the streak to the Guinness Book of Records. The front page of Yahoo.co.jp sports has loads of stories- it’s like he’s retired! Which, of course, he hasn’t- apparently he volunteered to sit out, which I think was the right thing to do given that he is clearly injured. Who knows how long he’ll be out for, but it was the right move I reckon.