In the course of my research for my dissertation on the visits of Koizumi Jun’ichirō to the Yasukuni Shrine from 2001-2006, I’ve come across two documentaries that look particularly relevant.

The first is titled Annyong Sayonara, directed by Kim Tae-Il. Here’s a blurb- Lee Hee-Ja, a Korean woman, has launched a lawsuit against the Yasukuni Shrine and the Japanese government to withdraw the enshrinement of her father. Furukawa is the Japanese man who supported the lawsuit regarding compensation for Korean War victims. This moving pacifist manifesto illustrates the painful history between Korea and Japan.

I managed to track this down via dubious internet sources. The second piece I’m after is simply titled Yasukuni, directed by Li Ying. It stirred up a lot of controversy, and is available (without English) for a large sum of money from Amazon.co.jp. I’m looking for a cheaper option, preferably with English.

If anyone has any leads, please let me know!