Amores Perros is a 2000 film by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. It is the first of the “trilogy of death”, the other films being 21 Grams and Babel. Some have referred to it as the Mexican Pulp Fiction. The film certainly consists of separate but interconnected stories, although they aren’t as elaborately connected as in Tarantino’s work.

It a fascinating movie looking at the lives of people from different classes in Mexican society. The first story, “Octavio y Susana”stars Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien) and concerns a love triangle involving him, his brother and his brother’s wife. In their need for money, Bernal’s character turns to dog fighting, while his brother, working in a supermarket, robs stores in the evening. Their dislike for each other is intertwined with his brother’s wife’s unplanned second pregnancy, and Octavio (Bernal)’s plan to run off with Susana. The second story, “Daniel y Valeria”, is about a model who gets her leg seriously broken in the accident with Octavio’s car, and subsequently has it amputated following damage trying to save her dog, who has disappeared under the floorboards. Daniel is a successful publisher who leaves his wife and family to be with her. The final story, “El Chivo y Maru”, is about a guerilla fighter turned hitman who lives with several dogs. He wants to be reunited with his daughter, who thinks he is dead.

That’s where I’ll leave the plot summary, is its pretty complicated to describe. As said, all three stories are interconnected in several ways, and share common themes- the need for money, cruelty to animals, relationships, estrangement. The themes are developed in a sophisticated manner to leave an interesting and complete piece – more satisfying that Babel I’d say, although I haven’t seen 21 Grams. Recommended!