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Annyong Sayonara – Lee Hee-Ja, a Korean woman, has launched a lawsuit against the Yasukuni Shrine and the Japanese government to withdraw the enshrinement of her father. He died in China while Korea was part of the Japanese Empire, and is thus regarded as a Japanese solider by Yasukuni. Furukawa is a Japanese man who supports her lawsuit, as well as her journey to find peace for herself and her father.

This is a very moving piece about a topic close to my heart. After days of reading dry articles regarding various aspects of the Yasukuni Shrine issue, it was a complete contrast to watch something as powerful and moving as this, and has reinvigorated me in my pursuit of finishing my dissertation.

It’s hard to find, but I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in the Second World War, Asia, Japanese, Korean or Chinese history.