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Hanshin Tigers 7 Yokohama Baystars 3

(11 July 2010, Koshien)

Pennant Gap: 0.5

There’s been mixed fortunes since I last posted. Kyojin have lost 3 games in a row to the Chunichi Dragons. Yet we lost our ‘extra’ game against Yakult, and then won one and lost one in our opening 2 games against the Baystars at Koshien. This means that the ‘gap’ is still 1.5 games, although given the game times today we know going into this one that Kyojin lost today. If we win…wow! The game will shrink to 0.5. Today’s pitcher in Messenger- his first game back from ni-gun. We need him to pitch well, and our big players to perform.

In the end, this was a comfortable win thanks to some comic Baystars mistakes in the third. In the second the Tigers started scoring with a home run from Brazell (extending his lead), and another from Johjima. This was added to in the third when three mistakes in a row allowed hits from Toritani, Murton, Arai and Brazell to add another four runs to our score- 6-0 Tigers! Yokohama got home runs in the fourth and sixth to make it 6-2. In the seventh, Yokohama pitcher Katoh pitched two balls straight at Brazell, who seemed to consider rushing the mound before Johjima wisely stepped in and calmed him. Johjima is a natural leader, while Brazell was justifiably upset at Katoh’s pathetic tactic. A couple more runs were traded to leave the Tigers with a victory by four runs- 7-3, and a pennant difference of 0.5!