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一番!Tigers move into 1st place in Se-League

スタン君7勝利!Standridge SO11 H2 R1! Seventh win of the season

ブラちゃん二本!Brazell hits two homers- back in the HR race!

Today was the first day of the second ‘half’ of the season, following the two All-Star Games. The Giants lost 10-3 to the Chunichi Dragons, while Hanshin beat the Yokohama Baystars 5-2. As such, Hanshin have gone into first place in the Central League! Standridge put in another sterling performance- in fact I’d go so far as to say he’s our number one starter now. Brazell hit two homers- he’s right back up there with the Giants’ Abe and Ramirez in the race for the homerun crown. The Dragons are only 1.5 behind the Giants, and 2 behind us as a three-way race hots up. The next few weeks promise to be fascinating- let’s hope we can avoid the August slump that often hits the Tigers when they’re forced to move out of Koshien during the High School baseball tournament.

Congratulations Hanshin!