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Hanshin Tigers 22 Carp 8 !

アニキパワー! Kanemoto manrui HR wins it

大きい差 Tigers win by 14 runs but only get 3 more hits!

カープ自壊! Carp implode in two innings of destruction

This game was actually close for a while. Indeed, it looked like we were going to fall to a fifth successive defeat when terrible pitching from starter Andoh led to us going behind 7-3 after three innings. This became 8-3 in the fourth, before we pegged two back in the sixth thanks to a Johjima home run. In the seventh a Kanemoto manrui home run provided the winning hit, propelling us into a 10-8 lead. It was good to see him get this as he looked nervy while the count climbed to 3-2. After this an Asai home run gave us a 12-8 lead. In the eighth innings we added ten – yes ten – more runs! It was all rather embarrassing to watch for the Carp. Lets have a look at some stats:

– 11 walks from the Carp pitchers

– 5 home runs – Johjima, Kanemoto, Asai, Toritani and Hiyama

– 19 hits – Toritani, Brazell, Johjima get 3 each, Murton, Kanemoto, Hiyama and Fujikaya get 2 each

The important thing is that we’re back in business. This scoreline in many ways confirms everything we knew about  this season – the best Tigers offense in years, the worst Tigers pitching in years. If we strengthen in the summer (new starters, relief, and coaches, plus maybe a new manager? Haha I know not gonna happen) then we’ll be hard to beat. As for the rest of this season, we need to continue to work on limiting our weaknesses and developing our strengths. Its going to be a very, very close end of season run in.