As my job hunt goes on, I’m occupying myself with healthy activities such as learning Japanese for the N2 test in December, getting fit, and following the finale of the Hanshin Tigers season. I’m also devoting a lot of time to such unhealthy activities as playing Civilisation 5 for hours on end, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I’m sure I’ll miss all this when I finally do get a job though.

Anyway, the reason I thought I’d post was that I have suddenly realised that the Kanzen N2 Grammar book is the best book to use for the JLPT. If you are taking N2 this year, I highly recommend this book for the grammar sections, backed up with a dictionary-like English language resource to confirm you understand the meaning of the Grammar (either どんな時とう使う of google “JGram database”). The points are laid out in a sensible order, with various mini-tests so you can check your progress. I figure I’ll blitz this book, and the UNICOM Vocab book, and after that I’ll just need some reading practice and maybe a bit of listening to get me up to speed. I should pass – given that the pass mark is 60%, but better safe than sorry.