Just a quick comment as I didn’t watch the game, so I can’t really say much. We slipped to a 3-1 defeat early this morning (UK time) in what looks like a very disappointing game. A Brazell homer in the second got us off to a good start, but the Giants powered back, with two runs in the third and one in the fifth. They out muscled us on hits 10 to 5. Disappointing batting for up and down the line-up, with the exception of Murton who got two hits. This wasn’t an all star performance by Tono either, as he only pitched five – it seems like we just didn’t get started offensively. I must admit I had a bad feeling about this game, staring at that big ‘0’ in Nohmi’s loss column, and thinking it was too good to be true. Now we’re within one game of 2010 being over for the Tigers, and turn to Kubo for our salvation.