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Starring Aoi Miyazaki (ただ), and set in 1960’s Tokyo around one of the most famous robberies ever in Japan, this film promised a lot more than it delivered. It started strongly, setting a 60s scene of hipsters returning to the same jazz club day after day, sleeping around, and dodging riot police. From there it dealt with the robbery with a surprising lack of intensity and suspense, before descending into a love story that felt like it had never had its foundations properly built. All in all, it was surprisingly dull and lacking in impact. ★★½

Fish Story is much better fare. It tells the unlikely story of a rock song that manages to save the world from a meteorite through an Aristotelian confluence of events. The full linear narrative is presented at the end of the film, leaving the majority of the running time to tell the story of many pasts and a present in various orders. All of the characters are well drawn out, and each segment is very interesting and well written. The present day scene is the most bizarre in some ways, but its a very enjoyable film. ★★★★