“a small but astonishingly moving film”

I recommend a trip to see the recently released Of Gods and Men, a small but astonishingly moving film about a group of Christian monks living in a monastery near a small village in Algeria. They are threatened by Islamic fundamentalism,and the film depicts their debates and decisions on how to respond to this threat to themselves and the community in which they live. It’s a brilliant piece, beautifully shot and edited. All of the monks are played perfectly, but two in particular shine through – the wise Luc (right), who is a doctor to the local village, and the sweet and elderly Amedee (left). Much has been said about the Last Supper / Swan Lake sequence, and it is certainly very moving indeed  (if not quite reaching the heights of review hyperbole for me). The film is masterful in its evocation of emotion, and is a must see. A microcosmic film that successful invokes issues of God, religion and conviction, without being preachy or too heavy.