Hanshin Tigers have taken care of the important things for 2012 – new uniform designs have been announced, a new cartoony logo has been created, and a new naff English slogan have been thought up by the club’s PR department. Meanwhile an untried, untested manager has been appointed while a highly successful veteran coach (Ochiai) was passed over, and no new players have been signed.

But anyway, onto the important things.

The Slogan

“Focus on this play, this moment” has been replaced by the more serious, sombre “Go for the top”. This can only be a good thing – as far as naff English slogans go, the new one is fairly painless. 5/5

The Logo

This cartoon tiger is looking as perturbed as a cartoon tiger can look. Another sign of seriousness from the club. It is in similar colours to the 2011 logo. Pretty pleased with this. 5/5

All in all, the minor decisions seem to have been dealt with well. The major decisions – well, time will tell.