I’m trying to get my photography pages updated. I’ve been rather lazy in getting everything on this site the way I want it, meaning that most of my favourite images are still languishing over on my Wix site which, although pretty, suffers from being run using Flash software, which is prone to assorted problems. I also want to be a lot pickier about the pictures I put up. As tempting as it is to put 20 images of my holiday to Croatia / Italy / Vietnam / Thailand on a website (especially Thailand – I’ve been there three times, but never with the intention of taking good pictures, rather with the intention of eating Pad Thai, drinking Chang and relaxing on the beach), I should really only put the 3 / 5/ 10 I’m actually pleased with – the rest is just fluff that detracts from the better shots.

Anyway, I have a selection of people pics up on this page, which is a start, and I plan to get other stuff up soon – several pictures from Japan, an assortment from the rest of Asia, some animal photos, Tsukiji Market, and more recent trips to Morocco and Istanbul.

I’m also keen to do some more writing about previous trips I’ve taken, and share some of the highlights – a combination of indulgent writing about myself, and a pseudo-Trip Advisor style guide to places in case some casual reader happens to be going there. We’ll see though.