These resources are the best I’ve found for getting started learning Korean.

Step One – Learn Hangul. Hangul is the written script of Korean. It is much easier to learn than Chinese or Japanese, as it is a totally phonetic script, with no Chinese characters. I learnt this while living in Seoul, and it didn’t take that long to pick up the basics. Visit: Learn Hangul Wiki

Step Two – Get Started Speaking Korean. This series of podcasts is free and comes with transcript pdfs – ideal for copying and pasting vocabulary into Anki for flashcard reviews. I would rate this above Korean Pod 101.com – the company behind that podcast will constantly try to get you to pay, and sends harassing and annoying emails. So far (I am six podcasts in) the hosts of Talk To Me in Korean keep the banter to a bearable minimum, and are moving at a fairly sensible pace – introducing a good amount of new vocab and grammar per lesson.

Step Two b – Get Started Speaking Korean Another Way. Seoul National University has a long standing online free program called Talk Korean. I plan to cover it after working my way through the TTMIK podcasts.

Step Three – Take a Test to Prove Your Power. The TOPIK is the international proficiency test of Korean. Someone has set up an independent website listing vocab and grammar points needed for each level. It looks well designed and comprehensive – Topik Guide. For information about taking the test in the UK, visit here (maybe see you next April!)