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★★★★ @Rio Cinema, Dalston, London

Life of Pi is a visually stunning adaptation of Yann Martel’s Booker Prize winning novel. Ang Lee has successfully harnessed CGI and 3D in a way that I haven’t seen before – adding to a magical realist story by making it even more magical. This is the first time that I’d recommend seeing a film in 3D. The first ten minutes are a treat, as are the vignettes of Pi floating in his lifeboat on the (incredibly still) Pacific Ocean. While individual scenes are works of art, there are problems with the story itself (Peter Bradshaw called the ending ‘fatuous’ and gave the film two stars), but I don’t feel the ire towards it that I’ve read in other reviews. It’s clearly not a realistic yarn, nor does it live up to its grandiose claim of ‘making you believe in God’, but whatever intellectual problems the script may have there is no denying that this was two incredibly enjoyable hours at the cinema. As such, its four star rating is well-earned.