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I really enjoyed this BBC production of Richard II. Ben Whishaw is perfect as the flawed king, and Patrick Stewart also features as John of Gaunt. I wasn’t wholly convinced by Rory Kinnear as Henry Bolingbroke – he seemed a bit lightweight for this role, and I’m relieved to see he is replaced by Jeremy Irons in the subsequent plays. Also some of the outside set pieces don’t work as well as the indoor scenes – the Beeb could have done with spending a bit more on extras to populate these scenes. All in all though, a thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable poduction. I’m seeing David Tennant in the same play next January, and it will be interesting to see how he measures up against Wishaw’s Richard – this performance was fantastic, and it’ll be difficult to better it (although obviously seeing the play as opposed to a TV production will make the performances a bit difficult to compare). I’m looking forward to seeing the other productions in the Hollow Crown series – Henry IV Parts One and Two, and Henry V – plays that I’m not so familiar with.