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India, Sri Lanka or Indonesia?

I’m trying to decide between these three options for a December/January holiday. All three have their pros and cons – but the trips to Goa/Kerala and Bali/Lombok seem to be somewhat analogous in that Goa and Bali are popular beach-packer destinations, festooned with bars, ‘buckets’ of cocktails and loud and rowdy crowds; whereas Kerala and Lombok offer a more ‘authentic’ counterpoint.

A friend jokingly suggested going to Kerala/Lombok, and I guess this is where my emphasis lies – places that are a bit quieter, less touristic, and more ‘cultural’. Having said that, you can’t beat a good beach – so that’s an important aspect too. The big downside of Indonesia is the cost/time in getting there compared to India, but also a slight nagging worry that there is more beneath the surface to explore in Southern India. Crowds in both Bali and Goa are a concern too, as you may already have guessed.

Sri Lanka is something of a mystery option C – I don’t know much about it, but it could conceivably be tagged onto the Goa/Kerala option.

I’ve never been to India, Indonesia or Sri Lanka, and, touch wood, I’ll get to visit all three of these places in time. But the question is, which of these offers the most at the moment?

Oh and by the way the beach pictured is from … Sri Lanka.